środa, 27 czerwca 2012

Moja muzyka - Kitaro (5)

Album Kitaro ''Grammy Nominated'' ukazał się w 2010 r.

A oto spis utworów:

1.  Spirit Of The West Lake (from Impressions Of The West Lake)
2.  Estrella (from Thinking Of You)
3.  Itonami (from Ancient)
4.  As The Wind Blows (from Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai, Volume 2)
5.  The Field (from The Light Of The Spirit)
6.  Koi (from Kojiki)
7.  Main Theme Nile, Version II (from An Ancient Journey)
8.  A Passage Of Life (from Dream)
9.  Into The Forest (from Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai, Volume 3)
10.  Dance Of Sarasvati (from Mandala)
11. Kuu (from Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai, Volume 1)
12. Misty (from Gaia Onbashira)
13. Heaven And Earth (from An Enchanted Evening)

Więcej o Kitaro:   http://forum.fortyck.pl/forum/59-kitaro/